About us

SAMFORD group is a world class enterprise with the target of a centerial enterprise and global company and has globally leading R&D centers of home appliance and house hold appliance in Germany. Through extensive economic exchanges and trading with more than 125 countries  and regions in the world. SAMFORD group's total out put in mark and import and export in us dollars in recent years 40000 employees of SAMFORD have been dedicated to global development of its appliances household appliances and reievant industries.
Brilliant achievement is the global  market of house hold appliances have won numerous honars for SAMFORD honors awarded and recognized by relevant departments and organizations in Germany in recent year include   Germany brand Germany products units Abiding by contracts and trustworthy.
SAMFORD enterprise for import appliance in SAMFORD Gemany automatique series for high quality benefits 100 most Dynamics enterprise in Germany. SAMFORD international brand by the Germany . SAMFORD is a famous brand of the world. That SAMFORD keeps continuous really for fourty years since its foundations has also been called as SAMFORD pnenomenon or SAMFORD miracle by economics scholars and media home a board. Persisting to be business concept of greatness originates from creatness from creativity and the business tenet of working hard to move customers SAMFORD is speeding it's step towards a global brand awarded.